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We have the following requests:

Contribution of Books and Literature

Please contribute to our association any books, literature, reports, educational tools or other materials you have prepared or any bulletins issued by your institution. These materials are currently in great demand. We are going to inform other members of the books, literature, etc. donated by you.

Donation of Graduation and Master Theses

At present, more and more university and graduate school students write theses related to the Japan Association for International Education. Please donate to us your graduation or master thesis with your name, the title of the thesis and the name of your school. We would like to introduce your thesis in our newsletter.

Notice of Change of Address

Unfortunately, some of the publications delivered to you have been returned to our office. If your address is changed or if you start working for another institution, please notify us of the new address by fax or e-mail.

Payment of Annual Membership Fees

Please understand that our activities are entirely funded by membership fees. If you have not paid your membership fees yet, please make your payment immediately.
Regular Member 8,000 yen
Student Member 4,000 yen
Group Member 30,000 yen

Transfer your fee from a post office to the following account

Account No.: 00120-5-601555
Account Holder: Japan Association for International Education